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The Independent

Publisher: Anne Scheck

P.O. Box 623

Independence, Oregon 97351

The Independent is a monthly newspaper serving the community of Indepence, Oregon and the surrounding area, established by veteran journalist Anne Scheck in 2006, initially in California and in Oregon in 2013. The Independent also publishes an online version and three online newsletters covering Independence city government, city schools, and COVID-19.

Donate to the Independent's Covid-19 fund to keep local news important to residents on Independence and surrounding areas flowing, Your donation through the Oregon Public Information Partnership, a 501c3, is tax deductible.

Send a check directly to the Independent's OPIP account
Make check out OPIP/Indepence Independent and mail to:

Oregon Public Information Partnership

Box 727

McMinnville, Oregon 97128

For more information call: 206-660-2400

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