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Other services:

OPIP's first focus is on developing programs to improve the financial stability of Oregon's independent newspapers, mainly through using our 501c3 status to solicit tax deductible donations to individual newspapers. But we believe there are other areas where we can make a difference in the life of a newspaper and its staff, including these areas below.  It is our hope to be able to offer opportunities in these areas to assist publishers and staff in becoming more stable.

Freedom of Information isn't free, but OPIP can assist

The fact of the matter is that ferreting out documents governmental agencies may not want to see the light of day is an important function of all newspapers. But the other fact is if you go to court to get those documents you might wind up spending a pile of dollars. OPIP staff and members have learned the hard way the "how-tos" of FOI and will share those techniques to OPIP members.

Improving trust with readers

Since the high water just after Watergate, readership trust with newspapers has wanted until today  its at a 50-years low of 43 percent. However, there are ways and means of regaining reader trust. OPIP is developing programs to assist publishers and news staff in regaining readership trust. We believe as newspapers regain readership trust subscription rates will increase allowing for a stronger relationship with advertisers.

Professional and personal growth

There's an old saying that goes "if you you're coasting, you're going down hill." OPIP staff has significant experience in the area of personal and professional development seminars for managerial staff as well as news and ad personnel. These seminars will give individuals self-knowledge which allows for improved staff team work and a better functioning staff.

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