OPIP Board Members

Jeb Bladine, President

Jon E. “Jeb” Bladine is 3rd generation president of Oregon Lithoprint, Inc. and publisher of the News-Register in McMinnville, and one of four family members who has served as president of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association. He helped launch the Oregon Public Information Partnership in response to financial challenges facing newspapers from the COVID-19 pandemic. He and spouse Michelle have two grown children who are active owners and board members of the family business.


Ossie Bladine, Vice-President

Philip Ossie Bladine is 4th generation associate publisher, sales/marketing manager and editor-in-chief of the News-Register community newspaper in McMinnville. His takeover of family newspaper responsibilities, and participation with OPIP, brings ideas from a new generation into the search for solutions to re-establish stability for his family business and other independent Oregon newspapers. He and spouse Lacy have an active life with two young children.

Rick Pullen, PhD

Rick Pullen grew up in Myrtle Point, Oregon, attending Linfield University (nee College) where he earned a BA in Journalism. He worked on several newspapers before earning his PhD at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Joining the faculty of the Department of Communications at California State University in 1973 he served as adviser to the Daily Titan and taught mass media law, media ethics, and journalism writing classes. In 1991 Dr. Pullen was named Associate Dean of the College of Communications, and in 1995 he became the dean of the college, one of the largest in the nation, serving for 15 ½ years, retiring in 2011. Pullen’s research expertise lies in the area of mass media law and ethics.

Anne Scheck

Anne Scheck is the founder and owner of Trammart News in Independence, which publishes The Independent, a monthly newspaper on the town and surrounding area, and weekly newsletters that cover the Independence City Council, Central School District 13J and the Polk County Board of Commissioners.  



Rusty Rae, Executive Director/Secretary

Rusty Rae is a writer and photographer for the News-Register, returning to McMinnville after a 40-plus year hiatus, when corporate work in the field of technical training took him around the world several times. He's managed large and small groups and served on a number of non-profit boards in several roles. A graduate of Linfield College with an MBA from the University of Washington, he has significant experience with corporate governance and brings the steady hand of servant leader discipleship to the organization.

Chuck Humble

Charles Humble is a retired newspaper journalist and public relations professional.
Humble spent 18 years in newspaper journalism at various Oregon publications. He left the Oregonian where he was the business columnist to enter public relations, joining a startup agency which was later acquired by Waggener Worldwide. His tenure there included two years in London as lead on the Microsoft account team. Married, he and his wife, Lynne, reside in Vancouver, Washington.