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Keep the presses rolling
in your home town

Make a tax deductible donation to your local newspaper through the
Oregon Public Information Partnership

1. Donate to an OPIP-approved journalism project provided by your local newspaper. Follow links to our partner newspapers to find information about making those tax-deductible donations through OPIP, and other information
about ways to support your newspaper.

2.  Make tax-deductible donations through OPIP Partners’ “Zeffy” platform 
or send a check directly to OPIP, making sure it is earmarked
it for your local newspaper in the memo area of the check:

Make check out mail it to:

Oregon Public Information Partnership

P.O. Box 727

McMinnville, Oregon 97128

For more information call contact:
OPIP Executive Director Rusty Rae

email |

mobile | 206-669-2400

3. We'd also also would appreciate any donations to OPIP to help us continue to assist Oregon's Independent Newspaper. You can mail us a check to the address above or or, if available, use this donation page.

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